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Search Engine Optimization



If you are not searchable, you are not present!Just being present online will not make your business grow. You need to be found! Your business needs to build an image and that is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. Driving traffic to your website is as important as getting your flyers printed! It can be organic, inorganic (See Paid Services).

We provide comprehensive SEO service which includes but is not limited to - Keyword Research, Title Tag Optimization, Meta Tag Placements & optimization, W3C Validation, Page Rank sculpting, Search Engine Submissions, Directory Submissions, Link Building & farming, Link Development, PR submissions & optimization.

It is a time taking, long term and often a boring job. It may take many weeks before you start seeing noticeable uprise in traffic; but with perseverance and painstaking efforts our team will constantly review & fine tune your SEO campaigns with us
Let’s make your address searchable!


It is not “just content writing”. It is blending top ranking keywords with your content without disrupting the flow & gist of the content. Over stuffing keywords OR putting loosely associated keywords, will attract a negative score. That is just 1 tip to avoid slipping down ranks.

Our SEO writers are trained on intertwining keywords and content to give your website not only a better rank but also quality content. It is important to write content in well structured and well formulated language. Content writing is incomplete without a thorough proofread, editing and further scrutiny by another SEO technical lead.

Many companies that we have worked with, started from NO SEO or BAD SEO. No SEO is far better than bad SEO. A typical example of bad SEO is having your content written with excessive focus on SEO and thus, making your content look dull OR irrelevant. It is known as keyword stuffing.
Relevant content with just right keyword density is the key to success.


You have an article & want to distribute it? We have gained experience not only in writing & copywriting but also in article submission services. Many of the companies understand the importance of submissions but have no clue where to go for such services.

We not only submit the article but we verify it before submission. We call it pre-flight check; in case your article does not meet the network’s requirement, we have a team of in-house content writers who can rewrite the article for you.

We understand the importance of each submission. Thus, every submission is done manually through a series of checks. A physical email address is provided so that we can keep in touch with the network/customers regularly. We understand SEO limitations and follow strict ‘by-the-book’ techniques to avoid negative rankings while submissions. Our team constantly evolves while learning newer standards, technologies and practices, thus, keeping every submission well in line evolving standards.
Don’t be a sitting duck; give your article its due exposure!


YAY! I’m online.. what’s next? We all have faced this as a developer OR an owner. It is very important to design your website in line with your submission categories. Often websites are designed to include generic information on a set of few pages.

We submit your website manually after analyzing traffic sources & geographies. There are hundreds of search engines and there are many directories to submit your website to. It is important to understand your target market category, positioning and your competition domain. Often, website owners are faced with false competition viz. they are competing with websites with related product offerings rather than a direct competition. On the other hand, in some industries it acts as a marketing strategy.

we understand where and when to submit your website. Rest assured, your website will be submitted & regular follow ups will be done for your website. If a microsite development is required, our team shall assist you in defining new categories & developing microsite in accordance with the submission policy.
Make your online presence felt!


Year 2014 started with many marketing companies crying that with guest blogging and secured search engine, building traffic has gone down the drain. WRONG! Simply put, the quality matters now and pattern analysis sits at heart of the problem.

Imagine a single human being trying to post comments, blog, submitting links and articles for everything ranging from automobile to cake recipes to big corporate companies. That is not possible! Even if it is, it is a bad practice. we engage actively while doing link building. What is active engagement? A set of geeks, will set out with a hand full of related categories of websites. Someone who is doing link building for automobile might do the same for ball bearings used in automobiles but he/she will not do it for a company dealing in telecom OR software company.

We believe, that link building services are essentially a way to garner natural and organic traffic. It is a constant and much engaging activity which should be adopted on year to year basis. Our team will ensure that upcoming & newer technologies like LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) are adhered to while submissions.
Don’t be a zombie, engage actively!