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Search Engine Optimization



Studies have shown how social media has taken a lead ahead in recent times in terms of user engagement, brand building and brand recognition. Many companies started with engaging external investors/customers have started initiatives to engage with human resources and internal customers of the organization; thereby, increasing brand recognition as well doing internal marketing which has become equally important in recent times.


SMO is a brand building process. It gives your brand visibility, spreads awareness and builds reputation by having active engagement with the visitors. Many event organizations use SMO as a tool to keep a tab on their visitors and target market. Off late, many corporate houses, have started engaging SMO to develop stronger ties with their customers/vendors by harnessing informal grapevines. It also gives insight to human resources & gaps in current management practices. Therefore, interacting with target audience on blogs, twitter, linkedin, facebook, youtube, Pinterest, Google+ and other social networks maximises your business’ visibility and thus, in turn drives higher traffic from participants who comments OR interact with those customers.

Social Media Marketing is the process of creating engaging content and distributing it via social networks like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc to promote your product or service offering. It is a more active and engaging process compared to SMO. Many ad campaigns have seen viral marketing through effective SMM. From electoral campaigns to product launches to teasers, SMM can create a wave of visitors which is shared with their peers and thus, completing 6 degrees of individual marketing. Create the buzz about your brand now!

The biggest question – how much to tweet/re-tweet OR how many to follow OR be followed? The algorithms have changed and will change again to ensure that your community of users/bloggers/tweeters are active and engaging. We give you complete package to manage all your social media needs.

  • Audit: We will give you complete analysis of current social media standing of your brand.
  • Active Management: From creating and managing multiple campaigns to increasing your network & userbase.
  • Content Development & Promotion: What to promote? How to spread the word across faster? These are few of those things where we specialize.
  • Media Monitoring: Promoting is futile if it is not monitored. It is important to monitor what is being talked about your brand and measures are to be taken to effectively communicate with your target audience.

There are many more social networks & private networks, where we place your ads depending upon your domain & industry. From creating an app to build loyal consumer base to incentivizing participation, we will make engaging campaigns. Remember social network is a push marketing strategy & thus, a stand-alone proposition will reap no OR negligible results; it should be bundled with pull strategy to ensure wider audience. Drop in a line & let’s get buzzing! Drop in a line & let’s get buzzing!